The Orignal OG of Star Trek

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The Orignal OG of Star Trek

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The original series that started it all...

Were you around when this came out? When did you watch? What is your favorite episodes? Thoughts? Here's mine...

I only started watching this as a kid on Sundays. I was really into scifi and horror at an early age so I found Star Trek to be exciting. I mean, to be on a space ship and explore the galaxy is a dream. I love the simplistic design of the Enterprise and even for the 1960's pretty good effects. I'd say my favorite characters are Spock for sure and Kirk, being that he commands the ship. I've seen most of the episodes at least twice and are a great watch no matter how old you are. I still had watched the show well into adulthood but not religiously since it was on select tv stations in syndication.

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