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about me

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Hi, I'm new here. :shock: Ok, I'll go first. I'm into Scifi mostly with an emphasis on Star Trek of course. I've been a fan of the franchise since probably the TNG days. I remember watching the movies too and the original series Sunday afternoons but never considered myself a religious fan until the TNG days. I've attended a few conventions and met up with Sulu, Scotty and Troi. I did not get a uniform custom fit like my friend did and I was jealous ;) I have a small collection of Trek action figures, books, posters and magazines showcased in the basement. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with my computers and tinkering around. I am planning to start building an N scale model railroad on a 4x4 peice of plywood later this year. I also collect stamps and coins. I'm also interested in insect life and photography. That is when I'm not hanging with my 2 kitties that meow for my attention. I created this forum for the fans of Star Trek and with all the great series thats out there today to watch, I thought why not have some chat, meet new people and make some friends who share the same passions.

What's your story?

/)arkman /\lmighty
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