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Rules & Regulations

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2022 7:54 pm
by Darkman Almighty
No Spamming. Please do not post the same thing multiple times on the board, or post the same thing over and over in a certain thread or forum, or continuously make posts that have no real content or relevance to what is being discussed.

No flaming. We do not want to see conversations getting personal, if you have concerns of conduct, please let admin know.
No trolling. We do not want to see posts meant to enrage someone in hopes of getting them to retaliate.
No slurs. No swearing. No insults. Our forum is intended for guests of all ages and as such, it is family friendly.
NO Adult content of any kind. There is no forum topic for that here! Zero tolerance. You will be blacklisted.
No sales related posts, unless pre approved by admin. Your posts will be deleted. Exceptions can be made, please ask.

** To avoid the possibility of dominating a discussion/thread, we kindly ask that you do not post more than twice on the same topic.
** When replying to posts, we prefer that you make use the quote function which essentially takes content from previous post.

We ask that you follow the above rules to the letter. Admin reserves the right from enforcement to termination of your membership.
We want guests to visit and have fun but it needs to be a safe and respectful environment.

Thank you for your understanding.
-The Captain & Darkman Almighty