Star trek: fan showcase

A place for us to showcase your creative works ! 

The ANSI art scene has roots which started many moons ago and Bulletin Board Systems was a way which artists could get their art out.


Fast forward today, the ANSI art scene is still vibrant. Many of the old school artists are still creating today along with new comers.


Darkman Almighty, new to the scene created a special Trek ANSI art pack thru 16colors representing the MIstigris Art Crew.


The art pack was issued was issued to celebrate May 4; "May the 4th" be with you. Historically speaking, a day set aside for Star Wars;however, the release was to celebrate all SCIFI and what better way to do so with a Star Trek themed pack.


Take a look here:


We can feature you !



If you write short stories, draw, build, produce videos etc. we would love to display your creative works on our site.


This site is for all of us to share in the magic and inspiration of Star Trek. 


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