U.S.S. Excelsior

Bulletin board

Star trek fan hub

You will find our bulletin board caters to all things TREK and SCIFI. We also showcase artwork and short stories created by like minded fans.


Our bulletin board  is constantly evolving and growing.

We will try and provide a wide range of TREK related resources.


Our mission is to provide you, the user, the best experiance within our community.

Check out our Trek Fan 'Zine !

FALL & WINTER 'ZINE -- now here!


'Zine is short for Magazine but it also denotes a small unprofessional publication which is more for fans by fans and does not contain any advertising. Since we encourage and foster a community, the 'Zine is our community publication.


Please take a moment and view a PDF copy of it. We will be distrubting the 'Zine thru the website as well as Facebook and multiple BBS's.


Thank you for your interest and of course thank you to all of our contrubutors.


Incoming Transmissions

We also have a TELNET version of our bulletin board! BBS stands for Bulletin Board System and was a means of communication between users of computers before the Internet...

If you write short stories, draw, build, produce videos etc...

Keep that conversation going...

If our old school Telnet BBS is not your thing, no worries!


We have our website Star Trek Fan Hub Forum. We have a number of discussion topics for you take part in.  LETS DISCUSS!

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