U.S.S. Excelsior

Bulletin board system

Star trek fan hub

You will find our BBS caters to all things TREK and SCIFI. We also showcase artwork and short stories created by like minded fans. There are multiple message networks and forums that you can take part in and keep the conversation going, perhaps on your favorite TREK series or even discuss your hobbies. Our BBS is constantly evolving and growing. We will try and provide a wide range of TREK related resources. Our mission is to provide you, the user, the best experiance within our community.


It's all about community here aboard the Excelsior. As you wander around the halls you will meet many interesting people. We encourage you to take part in the message networks, send emails to other users, play online games or use the Multi-Relay Chat (MRC) with other connected BBSs. Imagine.. connecting with other users who share the same passions as you do.  


We believe that our Bulletin Board System in 2022 is relevant. It's a great alternative to social media. Why feel small, why feel like your questions or fandom is dwarfed in a sea of comments. Don't you want to connect on a more intimate human level? This is where we come in... connect and climb aboard! SEE HOW!

Join our Web Forum!

If our old school Telnet BBS is not your thing, no worries! We have our website Star Trek Fan Hub Forum. As we are a TREK themed Sci-Fi fantasy focused BBS, we have a number of discussion topics for you take part in.  LETS DISCUSS!

Incoming Transmissions

BBS stands for Bulletin Board System and was a means of communication between users of computers before the Internet...

If you write short stories, draw, build, produce videos etc...

New options coming soon

Coming soon... message forum-- Stay Tuned!