What is a BBS?

BBS stands for Bulletin Board System and was a means of communication between users of computers before the Internet.


Computer users wanted to communicate with other people and a BBS was the way to go. This was standard until the internet came in.


Sure, with the Internet, everybody can be connected to any place at any time. The Internet allowed for easy connections but seemed less personal, less intimate than those BBS days.


I mean, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all examples of how people want to keep in touch with other people but you feel small. A little voice in a big crowd.


Back in the day, to access a BBS with your computer (if you had one), you also needed a modem and telephone line. Now, you can do so using Telnet protocol on the internet and a simple ANSI terminal.. 

There are a many Telnet terminals out there but you need to get one that can display ANSI graphics properly.


Our suggestions are the following:


Netrunner -





Both packages will have instructions on how to set up and use; however, if you need further assistance, do drop us a line. We would love to help you out and get started.

Once you have the telnet application, simply add an entry with our address: (port 2000) and connect.


You will be greeted by our front page introducing our board. At this point you will be prompted to start a new application. Once your application is approved, you will be granted rights and gain further access.


We encourage you to take part in the message networks, play some games or just connect with other BBS users. BBSing is all about what you're willing to put into it.


We have a few simple rules, respect for everyone on the systems and no foul language is to be used at any time.